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sciCORE supports the #SUCHO initiative:
May 1, 2022

In response to the initiative of a researcher in musicology, and in support of the message of solidarity of University of Basel with Ukrainian scholars,  sciCORE is teaming with DaSCH, and Universitätsbibliothek Basel to offer a mirror of Ukrainian cultural heritage data collected in the SUCHO initiative. Currently data from over 3'500 websites of cultural value threatened by the war in Ukraine have found a safe haven through SUCHO.
#SUCHO #UniversityOfBasel #Ukraine


A new home for BioMedIT
March 31, 2022

We are part of providing a secure IT network for the responsible processing of health-related data.
Check out the launch of the brand new website!
#sciCOREmed #BiomedIT


sciCORE data center physical move to the New Biozentrum is completed
November 30, 2021

Most of the infrastructure of sciCORE has been successfully moved to its new location in the new Biozentrum (NBZ). We don't expect further major interruptions of our operations. It is possible, though, that a few services experience short interruptions, as their migration is still on-going work.

If you experience any problem, do not hesitate to contact us via our ticketing system.


sciCORE data center is moving to the New Biozentrum
July 1, 2021

Over Summer 2021 sciCORE is relocating its main storage and computing infrastructure to the server room in the New Biozentrum building (NBZ).

This is a major logistic operation, which has been planned over several months in collaboration with multiple support teams.

Various services will be affected during the physical move of our servers, mainly in July and August. (In September for sciCOREmed.)

sciCORE users can check the detailed schedule of affected services (including availability of home/group directories) on our Wiki (Uni Basel login required).

sciCORE thanks you for your patience during this critical period.  Please submit questions related to this move through our ticketing system.


CeDA, The Center for Data Analytics
February 2021

The at the University of Basel helps researchers get the most out of their data using cutting-edge techniques such as Deep Learning.

Read more about CeDA activities in the


sciCORE is supporting SARS-CoV-2 research

sciCORE is supporting researchers at the University of Basel, Swiss TPH and University Hospital Basel who are taking part in the global effort to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. We support in particular the research groups of , , and by providing HPC computing infrastructure necessary for their modelling, simulations and analyses.