sciCORE is working in close collaboration with our partners to provide outstanding service to our users: The IT-Services of the University of Basel is the central IT service provider of the university, provinding a broad spectrum of services from basic infrastructure (network, etc.) to supporting teaching and e-learning. The Competence Center Computational Sciences (CCCS) provides a network of excellence of groups developing computational techniques as part of their research at the University of Basel. The BSc program "Computational Sciences" provides a profound education in computational and mathematical techniques, before specializing into the majors Computational Biology, Computational Chemistry, Computational Mathematics or Computational Physics. With the support of the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics (SIB), sciCORE provides advanced scientific-computing consulting and training to the Swiss life-science community. We are closely collaborating with scientific IT competence centers across Switzerland, such as CSCS and Vital-IT, to coordinate activities.