Getting Started


Opening a sciCORE account

A prerequisite to get a sciCORE account is to have an unibas account and an e-mail address "".

Collaborators and guest scientists in faculties, departments and institutes associated to the University of Basel can obtain an unibas address by filling in the form "Antrag für eine Zugangsberechtigung zu universitären Informatikmitteln" available here. The form should then be submitted to the approving officer (Genehmiger) for your institution: list of approving officers.

Collaborators and guest scientists associated with the Faculty of Medicine (DBM, DKF, DBE) of the University of Basel, including university hospitals (USB, UKBB, UPK,...), can request an unibas account through the system meDme: Click here. 

Researchers at University of Basel and associated institutes can then obtain an account in the sciCORE environment by submitting a request for account creation via sciCORE's support center at: Please specify which faculty / department / research group you are working at, including the name and e-mail address of your group leader. If you are the first member of your research group to request an account on sciCORE, we will contact your group leader to evaluate the required computing and storage needs, and to clarify the general conditions of usage.

If you need an account on sciCORE without having an affiliation to the University of Basel or associated institutes, please contact the sciCORE team directly (


Reading the documentation

Before working in the sciCORE environment, we kindly ask you to read the introductory documentation at least once entirely. This documentation contains a lot of useful information and many of your questions will be answered there. The link to the documentation is:


Acknowledging sciCORE

When you present results generated using the sciCORE environment, we kindly ask you to acknowledge the usage of sciCORE. We would also highly appreciate if you could send us a copy of your papers, posters and presentations mentioning sciCORE. Public visibility of our service and documenting results are essential for us to ensure long-term funding of sciCORE.

  1. Having used sciCORE infrastructure
    Whenever the sciCORE infrastructure has been used to produce results used in a publication or poster, we kindly request citing the service in the acknowledgements:
    "Calculations were performed at sciCORE ( scientific computing core facility at University of Basel."

  2. Having used sciCORE bioinformatics service
    If the project required bioinformatics support, the acknowledgement should also include support by the SIB:
    "Calculations were performed at sciCORE ( scientific computing core facility at University of Basel, with support by the SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics."

In projects where sciCORE collaborators have made a substantial technical or scientific contribution, we also encourage users of the sciCORE environment to consider co-authorship in publications. We trust our users to fairly assess the contribution of sciCORE collaborators in view of contributions of other authors.