HPC Resources: sciCORE cluster

sciCORE currently operates a high-performance computing environment, tailored to specific scientific needs. The infrastructure is composed of 375 InfiniBand-interconnected nodes and more than 7500 CPU cores, providing 37 TB of distributed memory and a high-performance (GPFS) cluster file system with a disk-storage capacity of  3.5 PB.

The sciCORE cluster has been updated on a regular basis to match the growing needs in Life Sciences and parallel demanding applications. Nowadays, almost 30 million of CPUh are consumed per year by our 500 users, summing up to more than 14 million of jobs run per year.



Cluster Totals nodes Totals cores Total Ram Inter-connect Total Disk
sciCORE 375 7624 37 TBytes Infiniband 3.7 Pbytes