Using sciCORE



The goal of sciCORE is to enable innovative research by providing easy access to state-of-the-art HPC infrastructure and competences in efficient usage of computational methods in scientific projects. Please do not hesitate to contact the sciCORE team for advice: Learning how to use large computing systems properly is part of the formation of a scientist and we encourage students (in particular Master and PhD) to discuss with the sciCORE team about the organization of their work. Allocation of computational resources is based on a "fair-share policy" at the research group level. The monthly sciCORE user meetings are a good starting point for exchanging ideas and getting advice from experienced colleagues.


One strict rule

In general, the university rules for usage of IT apply - for more information see: Your user account is personal and must not be shared - you are personally responsible of the usage of your account. If you need to share large scale data with your colleagues, please contact us. Do not share your password in any circumstance!


Mailing lists





Unsubscribing from the mailing lists is also possible by sending a regular ticket to


(*) Guests from organizations associated to University of Basel are also welcome.